Herberger Theater Center

Project Management

Project Type:

Phoenix, Arizona

80,000 SF

The Herberger Theater Center was originally conceived as a pivotal piece of redevelopment and revitalization of downtown Phoenix with a mission to support and foster growth of performing arts. This three-venue performing arts center includes the 800-seat Center Stage, 325-seat Stage West, and 110-seat Kax Theater. The renovation improved accessibility and way-finding, expanded patron amenities, refurbished interior and exterior finishes, and upgraded building and performance systems.

Pfocus reviewed the original scope of the project and recommended an innovative plan to phase construction over two years so that all construction work would be completed off-season. This approach optimized the funding for the project because it eliminated the need to rent alternate facilities for performances. It also minimized inconvenience to the participating resident companies and their audiences. Pfocus worked with the City to ensure that current code requirements and disability guidelines were met without having to gut the entire building. Pfocus also provided day-to-day project management from the onset of the project through construction.

Challenges Met

The project had two short windows of time in which to accomplish all the tasks. Phase One, which included all the technical and building upgrades, was completed in just three months. During this time the team was also working on design for Phase Two. The second phase had everything to do with architectural renovations including the addition of a Donor Room with exterior balcony, refurbishing the audience chambers, lobbies and back-of-house spaces. All of the improvements in Phase Two had to be completed in 130 calendar days.