Phoenix Sky Harbor International Sky Train Stage I

Project Management

Phoenix, Arizona

80,000 SF

Vital to efficient passenger flow, the Phoenix Sky Harbor PHX Sky Train® was built to transport people between stations located at 44th and Washington Street Metro Light Rail, East Economy Lot and Terminal 4. Within months of opening, the PHX Sky Train carried roughly 70,000 people per week which had a positive impact on landside congestion. The system includes a pedestrian bridge, stations, 12,000 feet of guideway, and trains.

Pfocus provided Project Coordination and Administrative Assistance for the Special Project Administrator, which includes assuring project managerial duties are accomplished and processes are effective. The duties also included reviewing document accuracy prior to approval, researching contractual issues, analyzing costs, and preparing reports.

Challenges Met

A new project type for the airport, the PHX Sky Train® had unique challenges and required proper coordination to keep the airfield operational. One of the major stretches of track required a bridge over a taxi way which was still in use. With a role in project coordination, the Pfocus team worked diligently to ensure that the Project Managers and Contractors were supported to keep the project on schedule and without interruption to the airlines. In addition to coordination role, Pfocus also provided reviews of payment requests and contract documents while assisting the aviation departments and suppliers.