SAFE Credit Union Performing Arts Center

Project Management and Commissioning

Project Type:

Sacramento, California

125,000 SF, 2,200 seats

The well-cared for Sacramento Community Center Theater was a downtown cultural destination opened in 1976, which had limited improvements throughout its lifetime. To become a primary destination for shows and audiences alike, the City of Sacramento set out to transform this theater that presented Broadway shows along with ballet, opera, and philharmonic performances into the SAFE Credit Union Performing Arts Center. The redesigned exterior included floor-to-ceiling windows for a more welcoming entry and the white façade is patterned to mirror the local oak trees that stand in the adjacent park. In addition to the exterior changes, the theater replaced the building and performance systems throughout. What sets this performing arts center apart from others, however, is the state-of-the-art electro-acoustic enhancement system, which gives patrons a full, rich auditory experience for every type of performance.

Pfocus in collaboration with RLB provided project management services, which included strategic leadership, day-to-day management, peer reviews, cost modeling, and scheduling for planning, design, and procurement phases. During the construction phase, our team directed the test, tune, and train activities relative to performance systems.

Challenges Met

At the onset, the project scope did not align with the project budget and the envisioned timeline. We could have simply followed the previously generated design and delivered a project that fell short of the client’s desired outcome. Instead, we organized and led the Stakeholders, Designer, and Contractor through a collaborative process to synchronize the aesthetic, functional, quality, cost, and schedule objectives. Ultimately, this effort resulted in a project definition plan that pleased the City of Sacramento and Arts Organizations and set the course for this successful journey.