As Owner's Representatives, Pfocus provides services for any and all phases of capital improvement projects from the initial planning phase through design, bid/award, construction and occupancy. Services include, but are not limited to:

Strategic Leadership

Lead the collective Project Team to deliver the Owner’s vision via a tailored strategic project plan.

Project Management

Manage the day-to-day activities synchronized with the strategic project plan to deliver the aesthetic, functional, quality, cost, and time goals.

Design Team/Construction Team Selection

Guide processes to select the Design Team and Construction Team aligned with the goals.

Contract Negotiations

Collaborate with selected Project Team Members to establish agreements that synchronize their scope of services, deliverables, and durations with the goals.

Cost Estimating

Determine costs of project elements defined by illustrations and narratives via standard data basis.

Value Engineering

Optimize the capital improvement and operational objectives through recommendations that maintain or improve the aesthetic, functional, quality, cost, and time goals.

Project Scheduling

Develop logic driven project timelines that present the activities necessary to achieve the mission, which are synchronized with the project objectives.

Design and Constructability Review

Evaluate project documents during design and offer recommendations and suggestions to promote a project consistent with the aesthetic, functional, quality, cost and time objectives.

Project Close-Out

Coordinate delivery of operations and maintenance manuals, extra materials, and systems training to facilitate Owner transition.

Quality Control

Perform and document field observations to verify progress during the course of construction.

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